I'll be your opiate, you'll be my amphetamine

I'll be your opiate, you'll be my amphetamine
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how do u friendship

elienightmare said: its because at night our minds are able to go “deeper” into our subconscious thoughts, cause that’s what takes over when we sleep but when were not sleeping like the insomniacs we are, we’re sorta looming at the border of the conscious & subconscious


ahhh that’s really interesting. and makes a lot of sense. i get ideas for a lot of my surrealism paintings when i’m barely awake and sort of half-dreaming.

Anonymous asked: I'd overthrow that throne any day. I imagine I've been practicing such rituals for a good thirteen years now. I am most productive at night when the scum of the Earth are at bay.


ahh xD I’ve had insomnia since i was little and can remember laying awake in m bed making images out of the “static” you see when you stare at darkness.
and yeah, my creativity seems to be at it’s peak at nighttime, always has been and i have no clue why.

Anonymous asked: What a gorgeous little goth vixen you are. I imagine you only come out at night?


oh my, anon u flatter

i am the night owl to defeat all night owls, aha. “What hath night to o with sleep?”

pickup line: wanna watch this murder documentary with me?

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